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D'Light Restaurants, home of Pizza D'Light (since 1999) and Viva D'Light (formerly Healthy D'Light, since 2017), prides itself on offering responsible and healthy dining experiences. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients, excluding refined sugars, saturated fats and margarines, we fuse wellness and flavor, presenting healthy and delicious options that reflect our commitment to the community.

Welcome to D'Light Restaurants!

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We use our drivers for deliveries up to 4 miles, offering a cost-effective alternative to other delivery platforms. Our drivers use thermal bags to guarantee the freshness and protection of our products, ensuring a delicious experience for you. To maintain the high level of service and product quality, a Delivery Fee is applied.


Up to two miles $5.25

Up to four miles $6.25 fee

Usamos nuestros  conductores para las entregas hasta 4 millas, ofreciendo una alternativa rentable a otras plataformas de reparto. Nuestros conductores utilizan bolsas térmicas para garantizar la frescura y protección de nuestros productos, asegurando una experiencia deliciosa para usted. Para mantener el alto nivel de servicio y la calidad de los productos, se aplica un Delivery Fee.



Hasta dos millas 5,25 $ 

Cuatro millas 6,25 $

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Delivery  - Take Out  - Indoor & Outdoor Seating Sunday - Thursday  10:30 am - 11:00 pm 

Friday - Saturday  10:30 am - 11:30 pm




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